Charity Partners



What is a charity partner?

Charity Partners will receive donations directly from Search Aid in return for promoting our search engine on their own websites or through social media. The more visitors and searches made on Search Aid, the more money we will raise and in return donate to our Charity Partners. Our Charity Partners can be of any shape or size, wether you are a small local business or large international charity we are looking for help to spread the word of our new charity search engine. 


Become a charity partner

We are currently looking for 4 charities or companies to partner with us. Each charity partner will reveive 10% of revenue generated by our charity search engine and all other donations. We are the only active search engine to donate 100% of our revenue to charity. All you need to join us is an active website or social media channel, in which you can spread the word of our cause with your visitors and followers. To become a charity partner simply get in touch through our contact page or contact us on Twitter or Facebook.