How It Works


Every search made on Search Aid helps to raise money for charities around the world. Join the thousands of fundraisers who are already making a difference by simply switching to Search Aid! We guarantee the same high quality results you currently get from your search engine, but we guarantee to donate 100% of revenue generated from your click to charity. Make a difference now by simply making a search.

How is money raised for Charity?

Search Aid generates revenue in a variety of different ways. Most of our funding comes from the users of our search engine. This is all thanks to our friends at Google. Every time one of our users makes a search and clicks on a sponsored ad we generate funds through Adsense which is donated to Charities around the world. Contribute now by making a Search.

We also raise money through advertising space on our website which is available for any company, charity or organisation to promote there services. Money is also raised through donations made directly to our own charity. To find out more or make a donation just contact one of our team today. 


Where does the money go?

Search Aid donates to charities selected by our users and anyone can select a chairty to receive funding here. We also donate extra funding to our chairty partners who help to raise awareness of our charity search engine through their own marketing methods and websites. You can find more information about registering your organisation to receive extra funding and become a Search Aid Charity Partner here.


Quality Results Guaranteed! 

The results you see on Search Aid are powered by a tool called Google Custom Search (CSE). CSE allows you include a custom search bar on your website to help your visitors find the information they're looking for. Because Custom Search is based on Google's core search technology, we guarantee the searches you make will return the most relevant and high quality results.